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Facts About Gambling & Casino

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Facts About Gambling & Casino. Many former US Presidents like to play poker such as Abraham Lincoln, Warren G Harding, Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, and Dwight D Eisenhower. All of then enjoy playing poker. However, only Nixon who is widely regarded as the best politician who was very good in playing poker. When he served in the South Pacific in 1944, Nixon was only 30 years old and turned down the opportunity to meet Charles Lindbergh, a national hero at that time. This is because Nixon was hosting a poker game that night. One interesting fact is that Nixon’s political campaign was funded by the money he won from poker.

us presidents love playing poker

Warren G Harding (29th president of the United States) was once gambled away an entire set of White House china in a card game.

world oldest casino

Casino di Venezia which opened in 1638, is listed as the world’s oldest casino. This casino sits on the Grand Canal in Venice and was originally called the Theatre Saint Moses. The WinStar World Casino which opened in 2003 is considered as the largest casino whereas the smallest casino located in the backseat of a London cab.

world smallest casino

There is an event called Convict Poker, a 53-year-old tradition at one of the most notorious prison in Louisiana, where four inmate cowboys must sit at a poker table before a bull is released to make all the players leave their chairs, and whoever manages to stay in the chair is the winner.

dangerous strange poker event

If you add all the numbers in the roulette wheel (from 0 to 36), what you get is 666 which is regarded as “the devil’s number”. If you add any three horizontal numbers in the roulette table you also get a number which can be related to the number six. For example, if you add the three last numbers from the table which is 34, 35, and 36 you get 105 and those digits together (1+0+5) you will get 6. If you add the three first numbers from the table which is 1, 2 and 3 you get 6 and If you add the three middle numbers from the table lets say 22, 23, and 24 then you will get 69 and those digits together (6+9) you get 15, you add further that numbers (1+5) then you get the final number, six.

In 2004, an English gambler named Ashley Revell did something crazy, he sold all his possessions (including a BMW, a rolex, golf clubs, even his clothings) and gambled US$135,300 all on red and on a single spin of a roulette wheel and win. On the other hand, a Singapore rag-and-bone-man loss $400,000 on a single bet, which turned out to be the most expensive recorded loss.

surga judi makau las vegas

Las Vegas is no longer the number one gambling city in the world, that title has been snapped by Macau, the city which belongs to China and it is the only city in China where gambling is allowed. Millions of serious gamblers hit the city’s casinos each year and most of the visitors were from the Chinese mainland. Casino revenues dwarf those of Las Vegas. In Macau, table games are more popular than machines whereas in United States, slot and machine games are more popular.

penjudi ulung hebat cewek

Regarded as one of the most succesful casino cheats, Ida Summers, also known as “Vegas Vixen” was able to steal tens of thousands of dollars (using her cheating techniques and deadly good looks) from many casinos all over Las Vegas Strip. Being the only woman who brave enough to cheat the casinos at that time, her story was revealed in 2005 on an episode of Breaking vegas.

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